About me

Hello! My name is PETE and I am a professional freelance photographer, based in London. Welcome to my world and have a lovely visit of the website!

Career History

At the age of 23 I have applied for first time in my life for a job linked with photo service. Just a few days later I have received an unexpected call from the manager of the website I was applying for. I was hired as a junior photo-press photographer and just a month later countinued working on regular bases for the digital platform, covering hundreds of events and live concerts.

2014 – Midnight Pulse

In 2014 decided to start working as a freelance photographer and took a decision to establish my own website page for events and photos – www.MidnightPulse.co.uk. I’ve started taking party pictures in London’s nightclubs and restaurants and meanwhile advertising their business online. Soon after, lots ot people were giving me a call to get a quote for shooting portraits, lots of birthday and hen parties, anniversaries and weddings.

My passion

My passion to capture carefully people`s emotions was intoxicant. In parallel I have decided to create this website page where I can really present myself proudly with my work, including nowadays product photography, christening photography, prom photography.

2016 – Midnight Pulse Photography

www.MidnightPulsePhotography.com is just a small window to the photography I am in love with. I know lots of people are already familiar with my art, but many more deserve to get in touch as well.

My main purpose

For me is quite important to mention I am very reliable in my job and strongly professional. My main purpose is not just to satisfy my customers` expectations, but to exceed them. Every single moment is precious, so I am here to keep memorable all the pieces of your lifetime.